Hames 2020

Rabbi Eli Mansour can sell your Hames for you this Passover season. Fill out the form below and click submit. The deadline is Tuesday April 7th at 11:00pm.

I authorize Rabbi Eli. J. Mansour of The Edmond J Safra Synagogue to be my agent to sell the Hames in my property for me.

The selling/buying of your Hames is a serious Halachic matter. To properly facilitate the transaction according to Halacha, we need to incorporate a $10.00 transaction payment. The $10.00 will suffice for up to 9 properties that you can identify below.

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Below, type in the full address of each property which contain Hames together with the location where the Hames is kept within:

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Total: $10.00

Click SUBMIT below to process your transaction. Your credit card statement shall show a charge from "Congregation Bet Yaakob". The $10.00 charge is a service fee, and is not a donation nor contribution.